We All Agree: Exercise is Good!

Maintaining fitness requires huge motivation from individual to steadily run it along with other activities.

Best time to initiate it is the day start .The objective is to achieve optimum health level .To exercise daily help to maintain health level as well as it is helpful in weight control if integrated with controlled diet or reducing calorie intake in the daily routine.

Multiple studies in different cultures and economies for moderate health & fitness tells us, one should exercise daily minimum 15 minutes for physical and mental well being .

It Only Takes 15 Minutes

15 minutes exercise in daily routine has considerable impacts that can be gauged and monitored at individual level .Enhancing time will embrace one with more quality health and well being.

Walk if You Can Walk

The simple way of carrying out exercise/fitness activity is through walk or brisk walk, a normal walk that keeps you in movement without halt, is considerably good enough, its sounds good when you are aging, young guys can do much better for extended time.

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