Everything you need to know about Vapor 2 Trinity Kit

V2 recently launched the vapor 2 Trinity Vaporizing Kit, which is a variable wattage mod that is capable of producing thicker vapor clouds. This kit is suitable for those who wish to try out a more advanced vaping device or simply in search of a good travel mod. V2 is popularly known for coming up with high quality products have caught on in the Vaping industry and have so far launched many product that those who are fond of vaping can enjoy. The new one allows you to either choose from PG or VG liquids.

Key Features

  • Tank Capacity: 2 ML
  • Battery life: 450 with puffs included
  • Charging : USB charger
  • Catridges cost: $16.95 per bottle
  • Starter Kit range: $89.95


  • Comes in a variable wattage
  • Inclusive of a USB charger
  • Simple to use


  • Available in only two colors (either black Or blue)
  • 2ml Tank Capacity
  • Capable of 40W only


vapor-2-trinity-kit-sizeThe Vapor 2 Trinity is available on the V2 website for only $89.95. It comes in two colors, either black or blue. The vapor 2 Trinity other features include;

  • 1 tank
  • 1 standard atomizer of 1.2ohm
  • 1 sub-ohm atomizer of 0.8ohm
  • I USB cord
  • 1 user manual

The tank of the device is strongly built to allow the use of different atomizers and minimize the possibility of leaks and spills. The standard atomizer has 1.2ohm, which is best suited for blending a variety of PG e-liquids. This blend will give you a better flavor from your e-liquids. The sub-ohm atomizer that comes in 0.8ohm works perfectly with VG liquids that produce thick and bigger smoke clouds. If you are looking for even thicker and bigger clouds, you can opt to purchase the other sub-ohm atomizer at 0.5ohm. You can find it on the V2 website with its price clearly indicated. The device also allows you to customize the temperature and voltage to your liking, creating an optimal vaporizing environment for your preferred e-liquid.

Looks and design

vapor-2-trinity-kit-designThe device has an smooth and sleek outer design. The black looks great while the blue color looks extremely vibrant. The outer coating of the device is elegant and will perfectly fit in your hand. To top it up, the device features an OLED screen that will clearly show you the battery level, resistance, voltage and the level of Wattage. It will also allow you to change the output of the device to anywhere between 5-40 Watts. This will generally allow you to change your vaping experience according to your preference. It also has a micro-USB port located at the face of the device that will allow you to quickly and easily charge it. The fire button is extremely comfortable to use. The vapor 2 Trinity has a super-bright display that will enable you to read the battery level even if exposed to direct sunlight.

Check Out The Trinity Vaporizer on the V2 website.


The Vapor 2 Trinity Vaporizer is compatible with a large variety of e-liquids, giving you a wide range of options to choose from including PG and VG blends. Apart from V2 offering their own e-liquids blends, they also carry XEO, cosmic fog, vape bartender, Charlie’s chalk dust,ripe vapes,black note, mylk, zig-zag and vapor 2 e-liquids as well.

If you are planning on going with the PG e-liquids, it is recommendable you use the atomizer that measures in at 1.2ohms. If you want something that will give you bigger and thicker clouds of smoke, the VG liquids with the 0.8ohm atomizer will get you what you are looking for. V2 also offers a 0.5ohm atomizer that is sold separately. The tank comes with a convenient top-fill design, which will ease up the entire process of re-filling your tank with e-liquids. The tank has a 2ml capacity, a fair amount that will keep you vaping for a long time before having to re-fill again.


The V2 Vaporizing Kit is extremely impressive with its easy-to-use feature and offers smooth and flavorful hits with every puff. The limitation of only two available colors is however one of the cons of the device. The 2ml tank is sufficient but not enough for those who want longer vaping moments. All in all, the device will satisfy those looking for something that will see them produce thicker and bigger smoke clouds.Whenever you go out for a vaping device,always make sure to consider the general feel and avoid using price as the only determinant for purchase.